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Last night mimo (AKA Brent) spoke at the Park Slope Civic Council’s ‘Growing a Business’ initiative at the Montauk Club in Park Slope. Here’s the notes we put together for the event and some thoughts that came afterward.

Your Website

Matt Mullenweg (The creator of WordPress) had this to say about publishing your own content on a website or blog vs using Facebook and Twitter:

Blogging (with WordPress) is the natural evolution of the lighter publishing methods — at some point you’ll have more to say than fits in 140 characters, is too important to put in Facebook’s generic chrome, or you’ve matured to the point where you want more flexibility and control around your words and ideas… Different mediums offer different messages.

The most important part of the quote above (to us) is: (your message) is too important to put in Facebook’s generic chrome … A good and experienced Web Developement Company is really important as for Having a website/blog lets you brand your ideas in a way that you can’t on social media sites, if you don’t spend time/money on that brand, your image is less likely to be taken seriously and you also want to attract the right customer by having a appealing web design look, and a good SEO or search engine optimization which will help the market expand their visibility so you can be find by more possible customers and reach out to more.

With WordPress you can have a powerful website builder, which has evolved throughout the years to a robust content management system to power their websites. WordPress has become (by far) the most popular Content Management System for making websites. It’s literally a joy for web developers to make templates for this system, you can have any look imaginable, and it’s not a pain to implement it. Of course it is always better to find a proper professional website developers which helps you improve and make a new market for your service or business.

How important is Facebook?

We’ve been integrating Facebook ‘like’ buttons and links to Facebook & Twitter pages into all designs for a while now. According to the Jacksonville SEO company, facebook has become a part of nearly every business’ marketing strategy and it’s for good reason. Google Trends, a service that shows search volume worldwide, shows that the activity for facebook is MUCH higher than Twitter. The top part of this graph shows the search activity of both:

Business teams and small businesses should make their employees admins on their facebook account so they don’t need to do all the work themselves — instructions for making someone a facebook admin.

I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t be using Twitter, just that you absolutely need to be using Facebook. Twitter has it’s place and connects you to different people.

Change Your Workflow

You need to find a way to effortlessly integrate social media into your everyday routine.

You have a blog, you have a Facebook account, you have a Twitter account… there’s not really much of a point to have all these things if they’re just going to accumulate digital dust… sometimes you do need professional help, and this is one of those cases, so make sure to check the digital agency listings if you want to save your online business.

A few suggestions:

Someone had a good question last night which was hard to answer and has been sticking with me:

How do you know if you’re posting too much or being annoying to people…

It’s a legitimate concern. If you feel like what you’re writing is going to annoy people you’re probably right. It takes a certain skill to be able to talk about yourself and your business so if you don’t have it you should hire someone to do your PR person, this could even be new junior level employee you already have.

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