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mobile site: Made In Dagenham We collaborated with Mixed Media Workshop on a simple iPhone/iPad/Android version of the Made In Dagenham site.
Launch: Wild Grass We just programmed a simple site for the Sony Pictures Classics film, Wild Grass, in conjunction with Mixed Media Workshop. The film is directed by Alain Resnais (Hiroshima Mon Amour & Last Year at Marienbad)
Mother & Child We just finished up the website for the Sony Picture Classics Film, Mother & Child. This is another project we’ve done in collaboration with Mixed Media Workshop
mimoYmima goes Hollywood For the past few months we’ve been collaborating with California multimedia firm, Mixed Media Workshop, making three movies sites; one is directed by Emilio Estevez, one is an Oscar winner this year, and the other is a sexy thriller by Atom Egoyan.
Anthony Gasparro Anthony Gasparro is a production designer and art director for indie films. He wanted us to create a fun portfolio site with a technical look. We chose a graph for the background to give a subtle reference to the design aspect of his work. Website Design Anthony Gasparro on IMDB
Film Faction We just finished designing the website for a cool new production company in Manhattan (we’re currently building the site). Here’s a preview of the home page design to get you excited:
BrightRED Pixels We designed the v.1 website for our friends at BrightRED Pixels, a new media company in Manhattan. We tried to keep it simple with just two points of focus: content and company identity, so of course the design was very bright and very red, check it out:

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