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Kris Murphy Photography From the beginning we were very excited about designing Kris’ website because she started off by telling us how awesome our work is and how she wanted us to come up with original animated art to be the theme for her site.
Launch: The Way We’re just getting back from our annual trip to Spain, coincidentally while there we launched a site for a film set on the Camino de Santiago a Compostela – ‘The Way’ directed by Emelio Estevez.
Flash Links Flash can be used to add all kinds of interactivity and animation to your web pages, you can add flash movies to HTML pages to enhance them or even make an entire site in Flash (don’t forget your HTML alternate content of course)
Semantic Management Semantic Management helps small businesses get serious about their financials by getting their bookkeeping automated and organized. How do i get a loan? We created an identity that plays up their mission: ‘sustainable bookkeeping’. Logo & Business Card Design NOTE: Probably our favorite part of this project was the afterparty. The business owner, James Schaeffer […]

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