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ATV Creative We’re working with the team at Atlantic Television again to make a new site called ATV Creative: Web Design & Development
Spring O’Brien We just finished re-designing this site for a Manhattan Ad Agency. We tied together a lot of different coding technologies to make a site that has a content management system (WordPress) but still has the interactive feel of a flash site.
Wine Flirt We’re working with RSY Partners to re-think the WineFlirt site and make it better. This site turned out to be one of our favorite projects of last year. Viva el vino!
Film Faction We just finished designing the website for a cool new production company in Manhattan (we’re currently building the site). Here’s a preview of the home page design to get you excited:
Atlantic Television Website Design & Development This job was a collaboration with a bloke from the UK named Ian. He came up with the identity and we turned it into a website. We were web dev partners with Atlantic for years, helping them evolve their site and later made another site for them called ATV creative.
BrightRED Pixels We designed the v.1 website for our friends at BrightRED Pixels, a new media company in Manhattan. We tried to keep it simple with just two points of focus: content and company identity, so of course the design was very bright and very red, check it out:
Laura Schair Photography We just finished designing a full set of print collateral for Laura Schair, a well known NYC based wedding photographer. Offset Printing This is our second big print job in a row (see Weidenbaum Development). We’ve been working with Nobel Printing in Manhattan and really love the attention to detail they give to their work, […]

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