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The future of education? Just read that John Resig, the creator of jQuery, quit Mozilla to work for a company we’d never heard of called Kahn Academy. Can the internet change the way we educate children? Well duh of course it can – with Resig and Kahn working together looks like Kahn Academy might have it all figured out already.
Launch: RantVan Everyone has something that they want to go off about. RantVan is a video studio (in a van) that travels around New York, letting people rant about a menu of topics or whatever it is that they need to get off their chest.
Video Update: The Recruiter We’ve just added a new page to The Recruiter site featuring a video showing what it was like for one of the main recruits (Matt) to come back home after being in Iraq for 15 months.
Anthony Gasparro Anthony Gasparro is a production designer and art director for indie films. He wanted us to create a fun portfolio site with a technical look. We chose a graph for the background to give a subtle reference to the design aspect of his work. Website Design Anthony Gasparro on IMDB

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