Typepad to WordPress Migration

This is a collection of instructions we have found on different websites and hopefully will make your migration a little easier than ours was.

  1. Easier migration is to MovableType
  2. Export TypePad content
    Manage > Import/Export
  3. Do regular expressions directly on TypePad export file or SQL file instead of after export to cut down on errors. Or, use the Search Regex Plugin for WordPress.
  4. Disable domain mapping in Typepad if the new site keeps the same URL
    Control Panel > Site Access > Domain Mapping
  5. Most Typepad images are stored by date: ‘http://www.DomainName.com/photos/[a-Z]+?/[0-9]{4}/[0-9]{1,2}/[0-9]{1,2}/’ > ‘/wp-content/uploads/imports/’
  6. Some images are stored like this: ‘http://www.DomainName.com/.a/’ > ‘/wp-content/uploads/imports/’
  7. Typepad links correctly to images without extensions; WordPress does not
    ‘800wi’ > ‘800wi.jpg’ or ‘800wi.png’, need to check image manually
    ‘500pi’ > ‘500pi.jpg’
    ‘320pi’ > ‘320pi.jpg’
  8. Some images may need manual fixes because their linked name is not the same as their filename
    ‘sunny_image_2’ > 6a00…..jpg
  9. For replacements where the pattern to match is just a string, use phpMyAdmin
    “UPDATE table SET field = REPLACE(field, ‘pattern’, ‘replacement’)”
  10. For replacements where the match is a regular expression or the replacement uses subpatterns, use a script:
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  • Great checklist. This will cerrtainly help with our upcoming migration!

    • If you find something that's not on the list please leave a comment, we will probably be doing this again one day and I remember it being a huge pain

  • Phil

    nice checklist.

  • Great list for further detail pls visit


  • Thanks for some of these tips, I used them in my migration. I have details on my site.

    • no problem, love the way you titled your page 😀 if you've been stuck on TypePad for this long and you are a legitimate blog you really do need to ESCAPE !

  • The regex queries suggested above are just some of the queries that TP2WP runs on TypePad MTIF export files. I created the TP2WP service with my friend Pete Snyder after we migrated Marginal Revolution from TypePad to WordPress. Our process first converts the MTIF file to WordPress XML and then relies on a modified version of the WordPress importer to move over file attachments such as images or MP3 files. You can check it out at http://tp2wp.com

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