Why You Need a Responsive Re-Design

Reason 1: It’s hard to argue with the stats

A lot of your users are going to be using mobile devices; A new company – Ipswich Computer Repairs released an article on the current use of computers. According to them currently around 30-40% of users will be using a mobile device instead of a computer, depending on your site and it’s growing at a very fast rate Web Traffic From Mobile Devices Up 78% Year Over Year

Reason 2: It’s a good excuse for re-thinking your content strategy

One of the main things we do when creating a responsive design is we come up with ways to get your ideas across quicker. This means getting rid of visual clutter, re-thinking your navigation, content structure, and making your site load faster. We’ll take what’s working well and make it the focus, then take what’s not working and throw it out.

Reason 3: Desktop sites are already feeling dated

When browsing on a tablet or a smartphone it’s really nice to have a site look and feel like it was designed for the device you are using. When you take a desktop design and shrink it down it sends the message that you should be looking at the site on a desktop computer and alienates the user.

Users want type to be legible, they want to be able to find what they’re looking for and they get frustrated when the can’t. That all looks bad for your business, you wouldn’t want to make someone crawl through a ridiculously small door to get into your business, or fill out forms where the type was barely visible.

To see some examples of what’s possible check out this site that has a compilation of responsive web designs: mediaqueri.es

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