Lab Notes

Illustrator links
Illustrator is not only the best drawing program available, it’s tools for handling type and vector shapes makes it perfect for designing websites.
HTML links
HTML, it’s at the root of all web pages, (even flash sites) you cannot be a good web designer without knowing HTML
Javascript links
JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language. It is primarily used in the form of client-side JavaScript.
Flash Links
Flash can be used to add all kinds of interactivity and animation to your web pages, you can add flash movies to HTML pages to enhance them or even make an entire site in Flash (don’t forget your HTML alternate content of course)
CSS links
CSS is how you define the ‘style’ of your website, you should separate all of your styling into external Cascading Style Sheets that are used to change the look of your HTML.
Apache, PHP & vhosts
Apache configuration is one of the stumbling blocks that keeps a lot of web designers from using programming languages like PHP. This page is geared toward web designers with little to no previous knowledge of how to use terminal or configure Apache.
.htaccess links
The .htaccess file on your website lets you control some of the behavior of the server you are on. You can do things like password protect pages, re-write and re-direct urls, tell the server what version of php to use, change how file types are handled… etc.
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