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launch: YPI A boutique introductions firm that takes a fresh approach to matchmaking.
A better body-class function for WordPress We wrote this function because the native WordPress function for adding body classes creates way too many, most are never used, and it doesn’t create some that you do need.
Beygl This new Park Slope eatery has amazing bagels, or as they like to call them, beygls. They are true to the old school methods, creating them in small batches with the best ingredients.
Kris Murphy Photography From the beginning we were very excited about designing Kris’ website because she started off by telling us how awesome our work is and how she wanted us to come up with original animated art to be the theme for her site.
WordPress for iOS Messing around with WordPress for iOS, overall I like it, I accidentally deleted a post by trying to cancel out of uploading an image somehow, so it’s not perfect yet, but has a lot of promise. One awesome feature that it includes is geo tagging your posts. A slew of cool applications for this come […]
HTML5 Shell for WordPress We’ve updated our Wordpress shell to take advantage of HTML5, we’re also making it freely available as an open source which we’re hoping will help out others and force us to keep making it better.
Dr. Amy Yasko We just finished up the re-design of Dr. Amy Yasko’s website. The challenge with this one was to create a warm welcoming introduction for parents to a site that has very complicated scientific subject matter.
Launch: The Way We’re just getting back from our annual trip to Spain, coincidentally while there we launched a site for a film set on the Camino de Santiago a Compostela – ‘The Way’ directed by Emelio Estevez.
Launch: Treehouse Reps The site for Treehouse Reps is live and it looks pretty slick. We brought the identity work we created for them to life with some flash animation. The goal was to create a feeling of childhood innocence while at the same time keeping it looking very professional and polished.
You and Europe Photo Contest We recently finished the programming on our first online sweepstakes. It’s a photo contest and anyone can enter (anyone but us unfortunately) … just upload a photo of you in Europe and you could win a four day trip to Budapest and a Leica camera.

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