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Elizabeth Watt New York based photographer, Elizabeth Watt, is continually re-inventing herself and re-discovering new ways to present her work to the public. mimoYmima has been her digital agency for many years and we couldn’t ask for a more admirable and prolific artist to have as a client Website Design Her tabletop photography is not just visually […]
Launch: Treehouse Reps The site for Treehouse Reps is live and it looks pretty slick. We brought the identity work we created for them to life with some flash animation. The goal was to create a feeling of childhood innocence while at the same time keeping it looking very professional and polished.
LAUNCH: Rick Scott Photography We just launched Rick Scott’s Photography Site and added some cool features we’ve never programmed into a flash photo site before.
Rhea Karam’s Book – Breathing Walls Photographer Rhea Karam recently published a book of her photos from Beirut. We’re helping her promote the book on her site and setup a simple way for people to buy it using PayPal.
North Ninth Studio Photographer Alison Gootee came back to us to create the branding and website for her daylight photo studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn; North Ninth Studio. We wanted the look to be as bright and vibrant as the space, so we went with a clean ‘open-air’ look and feel. Check it out: Home Page Navigation
Alison Gootee We created the identity, some print work, and a website for Alison Gootee, a talented photographer working out of her daylight studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A Gorgeous Type-based Logo We chose the self titled font Firmin Didot for it delicate and sophisticated qualities, paired with Zapf’s Optima, which both nicely matched Alison’s photographic style. Website […]
Patterson Graham Photography Patterson is a very talented Brooklyn based photographer who liked the work we did on Sean Justice’s website. We created a simple site to show off his portrait work.
Laura Schair Photography We just finished designing a full set of print collateral for Laura Schair, a well known NYC based wedding photographer. Offset Printing This is our second big print job in a row (see Weidenbaum Development). We’ve been working with Nobel Printing in Manhattan and really love the attention to detail they give to their work, […]

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